Pokemon GO Tier List Best 2024

Pokemon GO Tier List: Trainers, assemble! Are you tired of throwing Poke Balls at raid bosses only to see your Pokemon faint like Zubats against a Hyper Beam? Do you dream of climbing the PvP ladder, leaving opponents trembling in your wake? Then listen up, because this 2024 Pokemon GO Tier List is your guide to ultimate monster mastery!

Pokemon GO Tier List- But first, a word of caution:

Tier lists are snapshots, not absolutes. The metagame constantly evolves, and new discoveries shake things up. But fear not! This guide equips you with the knowledge to adapt and conquer.

Part 1: Masters of the Raid Ring – PvE Powerhouses

Legendary Strikers: Mega Latios, Shadow Kyogre, Mega Latias, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Salamence – These titans reign supreme, decimating raids with raw power. Invest in them, and victory awaits!

Type Specialists: Heatran (Fire), Mamoswine (Ice), Therian Landorus (Ground), Kartana (Grass) – Don’t underestimate the focused fury! These Pokemon excel against specific types, maximizing raid damage.

Mega Evolutions: Mega Lopunny (Fighting), Mega Scizor (Steel), Mega Venusaur (Grass) – Mega evolutions offer temporary boosts, making them valuable attackers for specific raids. Use them strategically!

Pokemon GO Tier List
Pokemon GO Tier List

Part 2: PvP Prowess – Climbing the Ranked Ladder

Great League Titans: Braviary, G-Stunfisk, Altaria, Registeel, Medicham – These masters dominate the Great League with strong stats, resistances, and powerful moves. Master them, and watch your rank soar!

Ultra League All-Stars: Talonflame, Gyarados, Empoleon, Togekiss, Swampert – Ascend to the Ultra League with these versatile threats. They boast strong matchups and adapt to various team compositions.

Master League Legends: Dialga, Groudon, Kyogre, Mewtwo, Melmetal – In the Master League, power reigns supreme. These legendaries pack a punch, but be prepared for hefty stardust investments.

Part 3: Beyond the Tiers – Tips for Trainers

Individual Values (IVs) and Power-Up Strategies: Don’t blindly follow tiers! Focus on Pokemon with high attack IVs for attackers and high defense/HP IVs for defenders. Choose Pokemon you enjoy using and power them up strategically.

Pokemon GO Tier List
Pokemon GO Tier List

Move Sets and Team Composition: The right moveset can make or break a Pokemon. Research, experiment, and build teams with type coverage and strategic synergy.

Stay Updated: The metagame shifts! Follow reliable sources for the latest tier list updates, event news, and Pokemon analysis.

What is a Tier List?

Before we dive into specifics, let’s clarify what a tier list is. In Pokémon GO, a tier list categorizes Pokémon based on their overall effectiveness in various aspects of the game, such as raid battles, gym battles, PvP battles, and defending gyms. Pokémon are ranked into tiers ranging from S (the highest) to D (the lowest), based on their stats, movesets, typing, and other factors.

Pokemon GO Tier List
Pokemon GO Tier List

Understanding the Tiers

  1. Tier S: Pokémon in this tier are considered top-tier and excel in almost every aspect of the game. They have high CP, excellent movesets, and versatile typing, making them essential additions to any team.
  2. Tier A: Pokémon in this tier are also powerful but may have slight drawbacks compared to Tier S Pokémon. They’re still highly effective in battles and raids, and they can often serve as excellent counters to specific Pokémon.
  3. Tier B: Pokémon in Tier B are solid choices for battles and raids but may lack the versatility or power of higher-tier Pokémon. They can still be valuable additions to your team, especially if they have type advantages against common opponents.
  4. Tier C: Pokémon in Tier C are decent options but may struggle against stronger opponents or lack the stats and movesets to compete effectively in higher-level battles. They can still be useful in certain situations but may require more strategic planning.
  5. Tier D: Pokémon in this tier are generally considered less viable for competitive play. They may have poor stats, limited movesets, or unfavorable typing that hinders their effectiveness in battles and raids.

Building Your Ultimate Team

Now that you understand the tier list, how can you use this knowledge to build your ultimate Pokémon GO team? Here are some tips:

  • Focus on obtaining Pokémon from Tier S and Tier A whenever possible, as they will provide the strongest foundation for your team.
  • Pay attention to type advantages and disadvantages when selecting Pokémon for battles and raids. A diverse team with a variety of typings can help you overcome a wider range of opponents.
  • Invest in powering up and unlocking the best movesets for your top-tier Pokémon to maximize their potential in battles.
  • Don’t underestimate lower-tier Pokémon, especially if they have niche roles or specific counters to popular meta Pokémon.
Pokemon GO Tier List
Pokemon GO Tier List


In conclusion, mastering the Pokémon GO tier list is essential for building a formidable team that can conquer gyms, raids, and PvP battles with ease. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon, you can create a well-rounded team that can adapt to any situation. So, study the tier list, catch ’em all, and embark on your journey to become a Pokémon master in Pokémon GO!

Disclaimer: This tier list is based on information available as of February 16, 2024. The metagame may change, so be sure to stay updated!

Pokemon GO (F&Q)

How often is the tier list updated?

Tier lists in Pokémon GO are typically updated periodically by community experts and analysts to reflect changes in the game’s meta, such as balance updates, new Pokémon releases, or adjustments to movesets. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest tier lists to ensure you’re making informed decisions about your team composition.

Can I still use Pokémon from lower tiers effectively?

While Pokémon in higher tiers generally have better stats and movesets, that doesn’t mean you should ignore Pokémon from lower tiers entirely. Some lower-tier Pokémon can still be effective in specific situations or matchups, especially if they have unique movesets or type advantages against popular Pokémon in the meta.

What factors are considered when ranking Pokémon in the tier list?

Pokémon are ranked in the tier list based on a combination of factors, including their base stats, available movesets, typing, performance in battles and raids, and overall versatility. Pokémon with high CP, strong moves, and advantageous typings tend to rank higher in the tier list.

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